Oceanside Photographer - Harbor Images from the Water

Moving to Oceanside five years ago, I've photographed the Harbor several times. Many with clients for artistic portraits, other times for my personal photography. Today, I had the opportunity to photograph the Harbor from the water. Going out on a boat was wonderful. A great 70 degree day in February and calm water ... a perfect day to be outside. Here are a few of today's landscape portraits. All are available for prints or gifts.

Oceanside Pier and the Cottage Houses... As seen from the "other side"

Fishing Pier- I wonder ... did they can't any fish today?

We went past a few Sea Lions hanging out ...

Heading out of the Harbor

Passing a random Pelican chillin ... waiting treats

Good call ... look like he found someone willing to pay-up!

Passing the Lighthouse on the way to dock! What a great day!