No Whales ... but Incredible Dolphins

Everyone who goes on a Whale Watching tour hopes to see whales, especially the Grey Whales who migrate more than 6000 miles between the Arctic Sea to Mexico where they give birth to their young.

I boarded the Dana Pride harbored at Dana Wharf and set sail, hoping to see these beautiful creates on my trip out in the Pacific, but no chance. However, there is no wasted day on the ocean ... I was able to see California Sea Lions chillin on a bouy a pod of Common dolphin, pelicans and dolphins enjoying a feeding buffet of fish and Rizzo surfing along the surface.

Since no whales were spotted discounts were given for a future cruise and I know I'll return this season ... For now, check out a few of incredible animals who shared their day with me.

California Sea Lions

Common Dolphins

What's for Dinner? Fish, fish, fish and more fish

Rizzo Dolphins