Artistic view of Birdsong Botanic Garden

I was fortunately enough to visit Birdsong Botanic Garden this week and meet Susan Oddo, who along with her husband Frank created a 3-acre Mediterranean garden oasis at their home in Elfin Forest, CA.

Frank, an architectural designer, has artistically designed biomes using a tremendous variety of succulents, 3 different cactus collections, a fern and cycad garden, exotic bromeliads and tillandsias. There are metal and ceramic sculptures, a Koi pond with 20 fish, a creek and waterfall and whimsical creatures throughout the garden.

I has excited, and a little overwhelmed by the garden. This is a very restful and peaceful area. Some of the portraits are extreme closeups of plants where you might wonder if they are actually plants or abstract art. The portraits I took showcase both the garden, plants, plants as art and whimsical sculpture scattered throughout the garden.

Like entering a "fairy tale" garden, this place has something for everyone, and has been featured in past issues of San Diego Home/Garden Lifestyles magazine.

The garden has artistically designed environments with a plethora of huge plants and a palette of trees for shade and protective canopy for succulents, cactus, palms, yuccas, cycads, and Mediterranean plantings, winter and spring bulbs, roses, fruit trees, and a large vegetable garden. In each of these outdoor ‘rooms’ Susan and Frank designed their garden with tranquil sitting areas and a variety of whimsical art.

Several sculptures were inspired by the story "Alice in Wonderland" and is a nice surprise as you wonder throughout the garden.

The Queen of Hearts

The Caterpillar

A Red Card

Frank not only designed his garden, but is also an artist. He several pieces within his garden. Below is one his works using car parts.

Other pieces you see are fun pieces throughout the artist, such as frogs, caterpillars and glass roses.

Along with the Tropical and Mediterranean feel, Susan and Frank's garden has 25 roses that line their driveway.

There were times when I went close-up to a plant, I thought I was looking a something from another world ... Here's a few of those plant portraits.

Thank you Susan and Frank for allowing me to experience your art and have it inspire me to create my own photographic artistic pieces.
~ Rita